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Earl Richardson was born on the east side of Detroit Mich. on Sept. 24 / 1936. 

He was educated in the public-school system and graduated from Cass Technical Highschool in 1954. 

His parents, against his will, sent him down South to Xavier University in New Orleans La. to continue His education. 

New Orleans, and the South, was blatantly segregated at that time, which was totally unacceptable for Mr. Richardson, being born and raised in Detroit Mich. 

He definitely came back home. 

At the same time, a Minority recruitment program with the Detroit Police Dept. was happening in Detroit, Mr. Richardson decided to return Home to pursue that endeavor. 

Working only a short while as a Police Cadet, He discovered, He was not “Police Material”. He asked to be transferred to another Dept. 

The only position that was available at that time was for an “Institutional Attendant” (Janitor) at Detroit Receiving Hosp. He accepted the position. 

After working as a janitor for a while, He seized an opportunity to work in the Boiler Room. 

He was then exposed to all the equipment that has to do with making a Building function mechanically. 

This for Mr. Richardson was Life- changing. 

He was drawn to HVA/C.- Particular to Refrigeration. 

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At this point in time, Medical Science was “tinkering” with the idea that People could be “Frozen” after they Die and revived after a cure is found for their ailment. It is called Cryogenic Refrigeration. 

Mr. Richardson thought that was the way to go. 

Being “self-taught”, He, over time, became proficient in all aspects of Refrigeration, Steam Generation and other tasks in HVA/C. 

In 1969, Mr. Richardson applied for and received a Refrigeration Contractor`s License from the City of Detroit. 

Hoping to be a “Self-sufficient Contractor”, He found out, because of His Race, He was unavailable to get the better or Commercial jobs, to make a living. 

So, He applied for and received a Heating License which allowed Him to install all HVA/C equipment. 

Shortly after, the State of Michigan assumed all licensing of all Mechanical Contracting. 

Mr. Richardson, applied for and received a license for DETROIT FURNACE CO. in 1971. 

In years to come Mr. Richardson has been active in all areas of HVA/C-R: 

  • As a Private Contractor 
  • As an HVA/C Inspector for the City of Detroit 
  • Owner of a Proprietary HVA/C-R school 
  • Professor for HVA/C-R. 
  • Author” Prof. Earl`s Books on H.V.A/C 

Finally, due to failing health, Mr. Richardson retired from WAYNE COUNTY COMM. COLLEGE in Discipline Chair of the HVA/C-R DEPT. 

He would say,
“you’re not a bunch of dummies, you just don’t know……until now!”

He often said:
“when your opportunity comes to have a place at the table, and you find there are no-more seats, go back and bring your folding chair H.V. A/C.-R”!